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How to Prepare to Receive Distance Healing

Distance healing is also known as remote healing or absent healing where the recipient is in one location and the healer is in another. The healing is actively sent by intention, while you rest and receive.

To prepare for the healing it’s good to find somewhere that you’ll feel comfortable, warm and safe, undisturbed if possible (for example turn phones to silent for a while), and have a glass of water and blanket handy.  You may also like to have a notebook or your journal ready to make notes if you wish.

Whenever I’m going to receive distance healing I light a candle and I like to make a ‘nest’ beforehand with pillows and blankets, and a bolster for under the knees so I can just climb in and pull a blanket round me – if this appeals you might like to do something similar :-)  I might also set a gentle alarm call on my phone for 10 minutes or so after the healing time so I don’t have to be concerned about the time in any way.  With the phone on airplane mode no messages can sound but the alarm will still work.

During the healing time

Most distance healing is ‘passive’ that is the receiving person doesn’t need to do anything, while the healer does the ‘active’ part.  During the healing it’s possible you might feel sensations, ‘see’ colours, remember things, have ideas and inspiration, or simply relax, sleep, or be in the lovely place between wake and sleep.

Being open to healing, and willing to let go of what no longer serves, or has been holding you back is all that’s needed.


Allow yourself some time to ‘come back’ gently in an unrushed way. 

Ground yourself in normal reality; notice your surroundings; the sights, sounds, feel the textures of your blanket or clothes; any aromas. Sit up slowly, sip some water, get up only when you feel ready.

You may wish to make some notes or write in your journal of anything that came to you during the healing.


If possible schedule your healing when you won’t have to rush off afterwards, or exert yourself too much.  Stay hydrated, and notice what your body is telling you, (rest, relax, move, stretch, eat, don’t eat), and your trust your intuition; meditate, journal, sing, sound an Om, chat with a friend, or enjoy time alone.

Healing takes many forms and may be an obvious improvement to what you wanted to address, or it may be indirect like discovering something, opportunities arising, finding a useful book, or a synchronistic meeting.

To discuss or arrange a healing session you can get in touch with me via the contact form or WhatsApp, or book an in-person appointment in Leicestershire, or distance healing appointment wherever you are online.



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