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Shamanic Healing

Great for emotional recovery and healing.  As we all go through life we are susceptible to emotional and energetic dents, wounds, accidents, damaging attachments, or attack.  Shamanic healing seeks to repair energy damage, remove attachments, and heal and shield against spiritual wounds.

From a Shamanic point of view illness comes from spiritual or energetic disharmony; loss, imbalance, or attachments (energy that is not yours).

Shamanic healing is possibly one of the oldest healing styles around. Using drum, rattle, and smudge along with ancient techniques are all part of Shamanic healing.

In a shamanic healing session I connect with my  spirit helpers and guides and use power objects such as crystals, stones, and feathers.  With these tools and helpers I will work with you to remove energetic intrusions, remove blockages or 'dirt' from the aura and heavy energy, return and retrieve lost soul parts and Power.  Shamanic Healing Cheryl Colpman

Healing sessions take place in my therapy room located at Bawdon Lodge Farm, Nanpantan, Leicestershire.

If you're unable to travel shamanic work can be done distantly (remotely)  equally effectively as in person, as we are all made of energy vibrations, the work is done stepping outside and beyond of the 3D world we normally perceive.

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Parent-Child Healing

Shamanic healing for difficult or damaging relationships with either parent, or parent figure and other challenging relationships.  Through journeying we have the opportunity to engage with the higher-self of the parent / other and forgive... Forgiveness is not to condone actions that caused trauma wounds but to free and unburden yourself so that healing and ability to move on is possible.  In this session  you will be safely guided through the process, followed by healing work to settle the new and adjusted energies.

Soul Loss

When we experience a shock, long term stress or abuse, bereavement, or other emotional trauma we may experience soul-loss.

When we are in shock, for example after hearing devastating news, we often feel like we are 'not really here'.  If we process the shock quickly we recover from this feeling. This is an example of short-term soul loss – part of us has gone away in order to be safe, when the danger or fearfulness has passed it (the soul part) feels safe to return.

However, with bigger shock or deeper issues we may going through life in a fog, as if we are vacant, operating at a distance, or like we’re wading through treacle.  We might use phrases like ‘I feel as if a part of me went with him’ when someone passes away; or ‘I haven’t been the same since…’.

We may even get so used to or adjust to this state, however, health is affected, emotions may be heightened, or thoughts are seemingly erratic.

Sometimes when we attempt to find ways to heal, with excellent therapies or medicine, they inexplicable fail, or just don’t ‘hold’ or last.

This may be because not all of us is present to be healed, only part of us receives the healing.

When life is a struggle like this then shamanic healing may help by locating and returning lost soul parts.

In this healing session you will be safely guided through the process, followed by healing work to settle the new and adjusted energies.

Shamanic Counselling & Holistic Conversations

This is very different from modern counsellor approach.

We seek guidance and advice from spirit and from the perspective of the Four / Six Directions, helping you to find guidance from the Seventh 'direction' - your inner guide, spirit, higher-self.  This can help to provide new perspectives and approach to navigate Life.

We may use journeying, ceremony and oracle cards to assist us.

Intrusion Removal and Tie cutting

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As we go through life we may inadvertently pick up energetic intrusions, like walking through woodland we might pick up a thorn or twig on clothing.

Occasionally someone else may have deliberately or unintentionally imposed on us energetically.

Aura ‘dirt’ can be likened to having mud splashes on a car windscreen; it can impair our view or slow us down.

A shamanic intrusion removal extracts and disposes of inappropriate energy, and 'cleans' and smooths the aura. 

Ties and hooks are unfastened and dissolved or sent away.

Healing the Child Within - the Inner Child

We all have the child in us that was hurt, frightened, angry, or neglected in some way.  In this we work to heal these old wounds we still carry with us that still impact our life today.  Often working with a parent or other parent archetype to let go of trauma and regain our rightful Power.

Shamanic General Healing Session

During this 2 hour session I use smudge herbs, essential oils, stone placement, crystal grids, sounds and healing vibration from drum and rattle as I connect with my guides to offer you the healing you need right now.  A great introduction to shamanic healing styles before committing to deeper work.  An enjoyable session to clear your energy fields and bring deep relaxation.

Fire Ceremony

In combination with other shamanic work a Fire Ceremony provides opportunity for cathartic release, let go of old beliefs, celebration, offer thanks to spirit, ask for help from spirit, or send messages beyond the veil.  After a consultation this can be carried out on your behalf or in person.

A Despacho, which can be part of a fire ceremony, is a symbolic parcel, prayer bundle, or offering of gratitude.  These can be done on your behalf as part of distance healing.  I will provide photos of the despacho and the fire, respecting the tradition to not watch the fire consume the despacho.
My despachos never contain glitter, plastic shiny items, or sweeties as these are not ecologically friendly and are damaging to our Mother Earth.  I use only natural ingredients such as herbs, leaves, and recycled paper.

Shamanic Essential Oils Nurturing Spirit

Enjoy guided imagery to journey to a magical place where you will meet Plant Spirits, one of whom will make itself known to you as your helper.  When you 'return' from your Journey we will discuss the contents and I will prepare your plant spirit oil.  

I use organic and wild-crafted essential oils and organic carrier oil.  Smudge herbs are ethically sourced and or from my own garden.

This is a very nurturing  session.

A great introduction to semi-guided journeying (a little like meditation).


How can I expect to feel after Shamanic Healing - what are the effects

Deep relaxation can be expected during and after a shamanic healing session, a feeling of groundedness, peace, and the ability to function well. A feeling of reconnection, and finding of aspects of your self you thought were lost, for example regaining your happy playful nature you lost as a child, without becoming immature or childish.

Shamanic healing, like any holistic therapy, is not a substitute for medical help, please consult your GP if you are unwell.


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