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About Cheryl

Hello, my name is Cheryl (pronounced Sheryl) I've been working in holistic health for most of my adult life since 1998. This came as a result of life as I knew it grinding to a halt and, with modern medicine unable to help, I was forced turn to complementary therapies.

My healing journey began and I found that energy work was ‘real’, that healers could feel and influence my energy and that I could too.  It changed my life.

I discovered that there was more to food than vitamins and calories, that our feet and hands are maps of our bodies and psyches, and that thoughts and emotions, emotional trauma, and soul wounds effect physical health, and that there is more to 'being' than simple physical reality.

Through the help I received I learnt that we can work with these to positively influence our lives, wellbeing, and health.

From there I wanted to be able to help others, you, to heal the past and find health and wellbeing in the present. 

How to start healing

I recognise that it’s hard to know where to start; do you choose this therapy or another; how do you triage yourself?

I'm mainly simply asked for help and called to work intuitively using a single or combination of healing skills. This means that you get the best synergy, healing and guidance possible - although of course you can ask for a particular therapy if you feel drawn to one.

I’m trained and qualified in several modes of holistic healing to help you improve your wellbeing, feel more relaxed & able to cope, release past trauma and heal old emotional wounds.

I work in North Leicestershire and provide a safe space to relax and heal. 

Additionally guidance, advice, consultations, and healings can take place remotely via video call and distance healing appointments.   To find out how this works see my Distance Healing page, or arrange a free phone call or video meeting to have a chat with me.

Qualifications and Training

GTR, ITEC Dip., TATh, Grad. ICGT, ACHO. R.P.,FE. Dip. MCS, Col. Cert. MCS, Reiki Master Teacher

My training and qualifications include

  • Reflexology Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies
  • Teresa Rich of Reflexology UK, Jubilee College
  • Reiki with Reiki Masters Keith Beasley, Sue Davie, and Ruth Chambers
  • Thermo-Auricular; Therapy Linda Stokes at Athena
  • Diet and Nutrition; Indian Head Massage Lynn Davies at Athena School
  • Crystal Healing; Sue Lilly and Simon Lilly Institute of Gem and Crystal Therapists Graduate
  • Colour Healing; Flower Essences; Mandala* Complementary Studies Diploma
  • Animal Reiki Advanced Practitioner with Sara Berrisford
  • Aromatherapy for the Feet with Jubilee College
  • Shamanic Healing Simon Heather
  • Shamanka Traditional School of Women’s Shamanism

These are all verifiable with each school or trainer.

There's lots of information here on my website but if you'd like to ask me anything about your holistic health and how my therapies could help you please get in touch to arrange a video meeting or phone call .

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Holistic Healing Therapies in Coalville, Loughborough, Leicestershire, Nanpantan, Woodhouse, Quorn, Shepshed, Hathern, Barrow upon Soar, East Midlands and Online.