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Bach Flower Remedies & Crystal and Colour Essences

Emotional healing and balance, and peace of mind

Emotions, personality, and current way we are experiencing life are matched carefully with an Essence or Remedy to give support through emotional struggles, challenging times, life change, to assist us with our goals, or ritual practices such as working with Moon cycles, or meditation.

What are the Bach Flower Remedies and other Essences?

The Essences or Remedies are vibrational patterns of energy from crystals, also known as gem essences; colour, sometimes known as chromatic essences; flowers, such as the well known Bach Flower Remedies; or other healing vibrations held in water.

The Essences come in convenient dropper dosage bottles which are easy to use.Healing essence Cheryl Colpman

To see the Bach Flower Remedy range and to learn what each is for I have a Bach Flower Remedies (Essences) list and Crystal and Gem Essence examples.

How can Essences help?

Essences are designed to bring balance to emotions using their gentle energy to help to transform negative feeling states such as fear, pessimism, over-concern for others, or indecision into more helpful states of being like confidence, purposefulness, or forgiveness.

Essence Consultation

We will meet via video and discuss what you feel you would like to solve or work with and to help find the right Essences I may ask about your lifestyle, general health, your outlook on life and so on so I can understand your current situation and what you would like to address.

I will then make your Essence, Essences, or Essence blend and mail it out to you.  For certain purposes I make the Essence under specific conditions such as by the Moon phase, or year such as a solstice, or equinox.

What to expect when taking Essences

Healing essences Cheryl ColpmanImprovements are usually gentle and gradual, although sometimes almost immediate relief is noticed; generally speaking the longer you've felt a certain way or experienced your emotional condition the longer to feel better; for more recent states you can expect to feel better more quickly.

For example the Bach Five Flower blend (Rescue Remedy) is often taken for shock or sudden onset of emotional condition and can be taken many times a day for support.  Each time it is taken there is improvement which builds cumulatively.

What's in the bottle?

The dosage bottles of Essences contain filtered water (which holds the vibration) and either organic brandy, organic vodka, organic cider vinegar, or vegetable glycerine which acts as a preservative.
The 'active' part - the stored vibration - is simply that and there are no physical ingredients of flowers, plant material, crystals, nor any colouring agents.

This can be compared to a recording of music - an MP3 file doesn't contain any physical musical instruments but the vibrational pattern is stored in the file.

Each bottle is personalised for you based on the information given in a consultation.

Safety and Ingredients

The Essences are gentle and safe for anyone to use but if you have any concerns about ingredients please discuss this with me and I'll do my best to provide you with an essence in an acceptable form or way or taking it. There are no artificial additives or colouring in the essences.

How long will a bottle last?

Each 10ml bottle will last around 4 weeks when 3 or 4 drops a day are used.

I recommend taking essences for one or two months before re-assessing to see if changes are needed. 

Follow up consultations

If you're working on long term issues then it's likely that you'll evolve and move on from your original way of being and may need further, different, Essences to help you get to where you want to be.

A follow-up consultation will help us know whether to tweak or change your Essence or Essence blend. 


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