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Holistic food and nourishment

I love food and am passionate about it as a source of nourishment and pleasure.

My focus is in and on holistic food and nutrition, concentrating on the nourishment and energetics of food and food preparation for wellbeing, enjoyment, and health.  I’m also interested in the wider holism such as ethics, sustainability, and the avoidance of anti-nutrients such as sugar and damaged fats which are a challenge to every system of the body and often affect mood and sleep too.  

If weight is your concern I can help you achieve a healthy balanced diet which will support your goals of a healthy weight, without dieting, or excluding or limiting food groups while having excess of another. With this approach we build a healthy relationship with food and avoid the need for cupboard or fridge surfing - essentially looking for something to fill the nutritional emptiness rather than the perceived tummy emptiness.

As part of my holistic approach we can also explore the traumas and wounding which may lie at the base of relationship with food and body.

Dietary guidance will help you to make changes towards making eating well a natural choice.  My goal is to empower you with knowledge and enthusiasm for nourishment from your diet and feel more relaxed about what to eat.

With veganism on the rise there is more choice than ever in snacks and ready meals.  While this is generally a good thing the availability of vegan fast and junk food means that it is no longer a healthy diet by default.  For those just beginning their vegan journey it can be tricky to know what choices to make for a diet that supports your wellbeing and your health, but don't worry I'm here to help.  With around 3 decades experience being vegan and shopping as a vegan, and some years before being vegetarian, I can guide you, offer adaption recipe ideas, mentor, or befriend you on your food or health journey.

Whether you're vegan, part-time vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or eat meat, have allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities to food, or just want to feel better, being nourished and nurtured by delicious food is what nutritional and dietary advice is all about.

Nutrition, Food, and Dietary Advice

Offered by way of an initial email consultation to get an understanding of what your focus, interest, and goals are, followed by a video meeting lasting an hour.

A follow up session begins with an email update followed by a half hour video meeting.

Prices and how to book

When making changes to your diet it's best done gradually and gently so your digestive system can adapt and new habits can be formed. If you have a medical condition please talk with your medical consultant or GP before making any major changes to your diet or lifestyle.

Cheryl’s dietary and nutrition qualifications and experience

My interest in food preparation came about early on and in the 90s I studied cookery and nutrition completing three quarters of the Cordon Vert Diploma (with the Vegetarian Society).

In my quest to improve my own health I privately studied nutrition (books on nutrition were my bedtime reading!). 

Finding that nutrition alone isn’t the whole picture I was led to explore raw food diets, anti-candida diets, exclusion and allergen-free diets.  From there I read extensively about the energetics of food (which has its foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Japanese concept of Macrobiotics).  An example of this is our tendency to want to eat cooling raw foods in summer (salads, lightly cooked refreshing meals), and warming long-cooked foods in winter (casseroles, roasted and baked food).

I have an ITEC ‘Diploma in Diet and Nutrition’ which I completed in 2001.  My focus being on healthy nutrition from good food to support and improve your wellbeing.  

I have also undertaken a Basic Food Hygiene course to understand food safety regarding storing ingredients, preparing and cooking food, cooling and storage of finished dishes.

I had the pleasure of studying Qi (pronounced chee) Nutrition with Daverick Leggett, author of several excellent publications on the subject, to deepen my understanding of food energetics; the Yin and Yang, Five Elements,  nourishment and strengthening of the meridian organs and health and strength of the body.



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