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Crystal & Sea Shell Healing

Crystals are used in healing to direct energy, provide a healing resonance to re-tune our energy field, and balance chakras, hold energy patterns, and release unhelpful energy for us.

The human energy field is affected by both internal and external influences for example our emotions, thoughts, and body composition; and electrical fields, our environment, and other people or animals. When negatively affected for long periods chronic stress symptoms, feeling low, or physical ill-health can follow.Crystal Healing Cheryl Colpman

A crystal healing aims to rebalance our energy, and because our mind, emotions, energy-systems, and physical body are all interrelated then health and wellbeing will follow.

To receive crystal healing you remain fully clothed and relax comfortably on a couch. Based on what you have asked for as a healing focus and my assessment of your energy systems, crystals are placed on or around the body, singly or in groups of crystals.

Everyone's treatment is unique, typically though I may use 7 - 10 placements or crystal layouts.

Healing with Seashells

Seashells can also be included in your healing session; they are placed on and around the body in a very similar way crystals are placed during crystal healing; to provide subtle energetic influence on our own energy systems.

They are chosen intuitively and with knowledge of the energy of their particular shapes, patterns, and colour.


I provide healing space in North Leicestershire.

Distance healing

Distance healing with crystals is also possible if you’re unable to travel to see me in person

Crystals for you at home, sleep and workplace

I can also offer advice about which crystal to carry with you, to meditate with, to help concentration and focus, or placement of crystals in your home or work-place.  I have some ready to use ‘kits’ available – for example for ‘grounding’ sets (supporting feeling ‘with it’), and ‘sleep grid’, as well as bespoke ones like for  feeling calm, or energy protection as well as single crystals.

Crystal essences which come in a dropper bottle (similar to Bach Flower Remedies) can also be made for you to have crystal energy each day whenever you choose.

How will I feel during and after the healing? 

Most people feel very relaxed, calm and energised, or you may notice how the body feels as it re-adjusts to changes in its energy centres, pathways and fields. These may continue after the session for a few days and it can be helpful to make notes of any changes you notice to discuss at your next session.

It’s always beneficial if you can rest after a treatment and be gentle with yourself but you should be fine to continue with your day.

Crystal Healing Workshop

If you feel drawn to crystals, are curious about having a treatment, are sensitive to energy, or very intuitive it's worth exploring crystal energy.  I run workshops in Leicestershire which will help you learn how to work with crystals and sense their energy, choose and work with them, or try a crystal healing session for yourself.  All workshops are small, friendly, classes, designed to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Cheryl and Crystals

I'm an ACHO Registered Practitioner which means ACHO has verified my level of training, and the school I trained with.


Holistic Healing Therapies in Coalville, Loughborough, Leicestershire, Nanpantan, Woodhouse, Quorn, Shepshed, Hathern, Barrow upon Soar, East Midlands and Online.